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About us

Arses Raymon's perspective

The medium-term vision of Arses Raymon Tejarat Raika is to cooperate with more than 100 companies, merchants and traders in the direction of implementing, improving and developing non-oil exports to all parts of the world and creating added value, which is on the way to achieving this goal of creating jobs for young people. Talented and hard-working will be counted alongside the high goals of the team.

The goal of establishing Ares Raymon Company

This company as an official infrastructure and platform for trying to achieve lofty goals, including marketing and exporting Iranian products to international markets and creating added value and regional branding by creating scientific platforms and sales platforms, scientific imports, professional It is cost-effective to conduct cross-border business with the aim of developing export markets and product development and using environmental advantages. Behind the curtain of our stated goals and ambitions is the knowledge derived from my university education. Behzad Hedayati. As the managing director and founder and my experienced team of colleagues and passing specialized international business courses inside and outside the country along with personal experiences derived from more than ten years of executive operational work, my many trips and business missions to Many countries in all parts of the world with different goals, participating in international exhibitions and specialized seminars as well as field research on the market floor of a series of industries, and this has become a gift and a valuable treasure for me, which is a combination of knowledge. Scientific and practical experience programs to achieve the donation International business of merchants, businessmen and companies, whether in matters related to import, export and cross-border trade.

Introducing the CEO of ArsesRaymon Trading Company

I am Behzad Hedayati, the CEO and founder of Arses Raymon Raika Trading Company, registration number 564568 in Tehran province, I am in my third decade of life and I have a master's degree in business management with a specialization in international business, I have more than ten years of executive work experience in the field of domestic sales, export and import, and I have had the honor of working with large and well-known collections. Due to the wide and complex nature of this knowledge and skill, I have been constantly learning, training and experiencing new events and challenges.

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